The disused vegetation like trees and its roots dug up during road-building and other construction works can be used for the planting base on slopes. Recently, this recycling is in trend and applied more often.
As a response, the research team of Minowa Green System has been researching ways to achieve a higher efficiency of this cultivating method. The group found that developing the blowing machine of the planting base is an important issue in order to form the planting base efficiently on the slopes.
The team studied intensively and succeeded in developing a blowing machine that mixes the wood chips, fermenting materials (promoter and assisting materials) etc, and immediately blows them onto the slop efficiently. The machine is called the "Green Fighter".
The characteristic of this machine is that it stores the wood chips and the fermenting materials separately, mix them mechanically and then blows them immediately. This method ensures the stability of the mixing rate and the homogeneity of the mix. Thus "irregularity of the components" of the culturing base will be avoided and the homogenous plant covering of the slope will be achieved.
This machine can vary the mixing rate, so that, depending on the conditions, only the chips or the fermenting materials can be blown. Thus the machine can adapt easily to the various conditions for cultivation. This is an important feature of the machine.
Minowa Green System, which contains this newly developed "Green Fighter" as its main component, satisfies the waste disposing law that forbids the burning outdoors of waste. Thus "Green Fighter" makes the cultivating work of the slopes more efficient and at the same time contributes to conservation of the environment and recycling of materials. Those are the reason why I wish that this system will be used more.

The former president of Utunomiya University D. Eng. Nobuo Baba

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